New Technology

  • Smart Valve Technology - A focused review on Magnetic Technology
  • Energy Industry Risks Assessments - Current Practices and Elements
  • Mitigate transient/hydraulic surge in liquid pipelines with nozzle check valves
  • To Solve a Problem, You Have to Get Your Hands Dirty: An Interview with Gobind Khiani, Engineering Consultant and Piping Fellow
  • Plastic Lined Valves - An Update and Growth Perspective
  • Critical Valve Elements in Modular Construction
  • Under Pressure
  • Study on Gate Valves Backseat Stem Designs
  • Valve Trends in New Pigging Methods
  • Technological evolutions in emissions monitoring
  • Plastic lined valves - history, applications and standards
  • Frequently asked questions for the Valve Industry
  • FE Standards and Developments on Valves Design in Indutry
  • Check Valves for Compressors
  • Frequently asked questions for the Valve Industry
  • Fugitive Emissions Standards
  • Vice Chairman of Valveworld Americas 2017 - Interview of Gobind Khiani
  • An Introduction to Hydraulic Fracking and Valves
  • Future of Valves in Chemical and Petrochemical Sector in North America (Chemical Outlook from 2020 to 2040)

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